Child and Adolescent Treatment

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Since 2008, Columbus Park has been providing expertly delivered, evidence-based eating disorder treatment to children ages 6 – 19 years old.

Extensive research tells us that even severe eating disorders in children can be treated at home – especially when caregivers are given the tools to support recovery.

Adolescent Treatment
for Eating Disorders

1-2 services per week

For eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, ARFID or disorders of eating that don’t fall squarely into a diagnostic category

Adolescent Treatment
for Eating and Co-Occurring Disorders

2-5 services per week

For eating disorders that present with additional concerns such as self-harm, suicidal thinking, emotion dysregulation, chronic interpersonal conflict or other complicating factors.

Evidence-Based Adolescent Therapies

We create an individualized plan incorporating only services your child needs to get relief fast.

Our superb outcomes demonstrate that the treatment we provide is high-quality and effective.

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