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Adult Anorexia and Related Eating Disorders

Using the most current, proven therapies, Columbus Park specializes in treating adult anorexia and related eating disorders that manifest as rigid control of food and weight.

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An eating disorder is not a life sentence.

Treatment should be targeted, fast-moving, and short-term.

Treatment at Columbus Park is customized around each individual’s needs with a genuine understanding of the fear that our patients experience around eating and restoring weight.

Our services include individual therapy, meal support, group therapy, and an Intensive Outpatient Program for those who require a high level of support and structure. The therapy intervention for restrictive eating conditions like anorexia is typically grounded in Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E) which has been shown to be the most effective treatment for eating disorders in adults.  Patients work one-on-one with their CBT therapist to uncover the factors that keep their eating problem going – and then systematically they collaboratively tackle them in the treatment.

While there are common themes among people with disordered eating and clear, proven treatments to effectively address these conditions, every individual is unique. Columbus Park is respected in the field for expert delivery of specialized treatments; we are also known for our highly personalized approach and tailor-fit treatment experience.  With every client, we want to understand the aspects of the eating disorder that may be working for them (i.e. things they might find gratifying about the disorder) and of course, also the aspects that are not working (i.e. the constant worry or preoccupation, health consequences, etc). This information guides the treatment; we work to target the aversive or negative elements and ultimately, find a way to replace the appealing elements with methods that will be more sustainable and health-reinforcing.

Columbus Park is committed to treating people in a comfortable “real world” setting. We work with great sensitivity and in close collaboration with our patients to guide them to a life free from the rigidity, preoccupation, and isolation of their illness.


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