Children and teenagers with eating disorders should not be clinically treated in the same way as adult patients. Over the past decade, Columbus Park has been successfully treating children ages 5-18 with targeted, potent interventions, aimed at supporting full and complete recovery for the long run. Family-Based Treatment (FBT or “Maudsley”) is the foundation of our service for our youngest patients and their families. Columbus Park has the depth and resources to provide extraordinary support to families, via a combination family-based therapy, DBT, and adolescent-focused treatment.

Columbus Park outpatient treatment is appropriate in most child and adolescent eating disorder cases once patients are cleared of acute medical complications that result from malnourishment and weight loss. Children are encouraged to continue with school and other important activities.

With a deep understanding of the very specific needs of the adolescents and their families, we will work hand in hand to restore your child’s nourishment and return her/him to a path of normal psychological and social development.

Contact Melissa Gerson, LCSW, Certified Family-Based Treatment Therapist for more information and to see if our outpatient treatment is right for your family.

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