Columbus Park uses proven outpatient treatments, primarily Enchanced CBT (CBT-E) and Dialetical Behavioral Therapy for eating disorders (DBT-ED) to treat emotional eating, binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. While these conditions have some significant differences, the target of treatment is the same: normalizing eating patterns and supporting our patients in developing tools for coping and resisting impulses to over-eat and/or purge.

Primarily via individual therapy and in some cases group therapy, meal support, or intensive outpatient treatment, we approach our patient care with great expertise and sensitivity in a comfortable outpatient setting.

How Are We Different?

A defining difference between Columbus Park and many other specialized providers is our focus on significant early symptom reduction. The treatments we use are expected to yield a reduction in binge eating/purging of 50% by week 8 of treatment. If we don’t see this kind of shift early on in the treatment, we will promptly address and reformulate the treatment plan to be sure that we’re achieving the intended results. So treatment has a defined time frame and measurable early change.

Exceptional Outcomes

We are so proud of our excellent results. Our patients get better. Learn more about our outcomes.
The first step is an assessment to get to know you and your history. Together we will establish treatment goals and design a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. Contact Us to get started.

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