Parent Management Training in Eating Disorder Treatment

Parent Management Training (PMT), also known as The Kazdin Method, is an evidence-based intervention for children and teens with moderate to severe behavioral issues. The treatment focuses on empowering parents and increasing their capacity to alter their child’s behaviors. PMT is based on social learning theory and designed to encourage positive, pro-social behaviors and reduce problematic behaviors.

PMT has been proven as effective intervention in a wide range of conditions including ADHD, autism, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, eating disorders and others. PMT has been applied to a range of problem behaviors including tantrums, non-compliance, aggression, hyperactivity, and school refusal. It is viewed as appropriate for preschool age children through adolescence.

PMT is a short-term treatment in which caregivers work with a trainer in weekly sessions (45-60 minute) over the course of several months (typically 6-20 sessions). Parents are trained in using behavior principles like reinforcement, punishment, extinction, and shaping and are taught how to create reward plans to bring out the best in the child’s behavior.

At Columbus Park, we may integrate PMT in situations when a child has an eating disorder alongside other problem behaviors that get in the way of compliance with treatment. On occasion, we also use PMT for families after stabilizing the eating disorder and to address lingering problematic dynamics occurring in the home environment.

For more information about Parent Management Training and whether it might be appropriate for your family, please contact us.