Rapid Response: Columbus Park’s Early Change Model to Promote Lasting Eating Disorder Recovery

Twenty years of psychotherapy research support the assertion that there is a direct correlation between rapid response to therapy and positive treatment outcomes.

Factors like isolation, increased anxiety, lack of access to medical services, and lack of structure led to a significant surge in the number of people who reported struggling with eating disorders during and after the pandemic. The increased need for specialized care has shone a spotlight on companies like Columbus Park, a center that focuses on evidence-based eating disorder treatment designed to keep people out of costly and disruptive treatment programs and hospitals. At Columbus Park, the focus is on the use of proven psychotherapies that promote a rapid response in the form of swift relief of eating disorder symptoms. According to Melissa Gerson, the Founder and Clinical Director of Columbus Park, “the most repeated finding over decades of psychotherapy research is that those patients who start showing symptom reduction or signs of improvement within the first few weeks of treatment fare much better overall. For this reason, psychotherapy for eating disorders – and any other condition for that matter – should be wholly focused on promoting early change in treatment.”

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