2022 Outcomes Update for Columbus Park Eating Disorder Treatment Experts

75% of individual therapy patients graduate treatment within 20 weeks.

92% of Intensive Outpatient Program patients graduate treatment within 9 weeks.

Columbus Park has achieved “highly effective” treatment status* since 2016.

*According to ACORN – Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network 

Columbus Park is committed to delivering the highest quality evidence-based eating disorder treatment available. To do so, we’re constantly reflecting on and analyzing just how well we’re doing at getting our patients better.

We’ve been tracking our treatment outcomes closely since 2015 via several different methods.

We can evaluate length of stay in treatment by running simple reports from patient records: specifically, time in weeks from first to final session among patients completing treatment. Our short treatment durations tell us that our therapy interventions are efficient, effective and change-oriented.  

Another data collection method that we use is the administration of brief but thorough questionnaires at regular intervals throughout treatment. These questionnaires give us direct feedback, enabling us to monitor patient progress and appropriately shape treatment to best support positive change. The questionnaires get processed with the data undergoing statistical analysis, ultimately churning out concrete numerical values (“scores” essentially) that tell us just how much our patients are improving under our care. The effect size or improvement score for treatment at Columbus Park from 2015 to 2022 is 0.89 (graph below), which is widely considered to be well above the threshold for highly effective treatment. An effect size of 0.5 is considered “effective” treatment.  Anything over 0.8 is considered “highly effective.”  

Columbus Park regularly publishes an outcomes update in service of transparency and to give both current and prospective patients concrete information about the efficacy of our treatment.

Provider efficacy, of course, should shape decision-making when considering where to go for treatment. We’re proud to refer to our care as “high quality” and can do so with confidence since we have the data to back it up.

Embarking on treatment is a tremendous step for many reasons. Invariably, patients place great trust and time and resources in their providers. Whether you turn to Columbus Park or another provider for eating disorder treatment, when it comes to choosing the best course, be sure to ask about treatment outcomes. It’s essential to be an informed consumer, and results matter.

If you or a loved one is facing disordered eating of any kind, please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary call with one of Columbus Park’s experts.