What Is Regular Eating?

Learn about regular eating and how important it is for eating disorder recovery.

This idea refers to planning out three meals plus two or three snacks each day. You want to avoid going more than four hours in between eating, beginning with breakfast within an hour-and-a-half of your wake-up time.

As you begin to develop more consistent eating patterns, it’s best not to snack outside of your daily plan. If you find that you’re getting hungry in between appropriately-spaced eating, it may mean that your meals and snacks need to be more substantial so they can keep you full for long enough.

If you still feel a pull to eat between meals and snacks even once your meals and snacks are confirmed to be adequate, it would help to check-in with yourself to see if you really are indeed hungry. There might be something else going on, driving you to eat more frequently, like boredom or depression.

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