People Magazine: DBT in the Public Eye

Columbus Park’s Clinical Director, Melissa Gerson, was quoted this week in an article in “Selena Gomez Seeking Dialectical Behavior Therapy After Hospitalizations: What to Know.” The piece provides some basic information about DBT in the public eye as an intervention for individuals struggling with intense emotion or distress. While DBT has been well-studied as a formal treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions, the skills — and there are dozens of them! — happen to be incredibly practical and accessible for any individual who wants to increase self-awareness, management of emotions, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Columbus Park Founder and Clinical Director, Melissa Gerson, discusses DBT in the public eye in People.

If you’d like to try a few DBT skills, just type “DBT skills” in our blog search field, and you’ll find dozens of skills that we’ve reviewed carefully to make them accessible to use even without engaging in DBT therapy.

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