CP Research Corner: Executive Functions in Adolescents with Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity

Executive functions in adolescents with binge-eating disorder and obesity

In this study, Kittel, Schmidt, and Hilbert (2017) sought to examine executive functions (EF) in response to neutral stimuli in youth with BED and obesity (referred to as “BED”), obesity only (“OB”), and normal weight controls (“NW”) to assess for differences between the groups. The researchers hypothesized that BED and OB patients would show EF deficits but that the BED group would be more impaired than the OB group.

What the Study Results Revealed About Executive Functions

The results of this study found that although BED and OB displayed impaired inhibition compared to NW, contrary to the researchers’ hypothesis, BED did not perform worse than OB on any of the neuropsychological tests. The results of this study may be useful because if we can target EF in adolescent patients with BED, this may aid in developing novel treatments.