Columbus Park Founder Shares 2016 Eating Disorder Treatment Guidelines

New York City – January 7, 2016 – Columbus Park, Manhattan’s leading outpatient treatment center for adults, adolescents and children with eating disorders, has made public its research-driven 2016 eating disorder treatment guidelines.

“It can seem complicated when there are multiple treatments available for a single condition, as is the case for eating disorders,” said Melissa Gerson, therapist, eating disorder treatment specialist, former elite ballet dancer and founder of Columbus Park.  “It’s often difficult to know which treatment modalities are best, if they should be used alone or in combination, and what setting (inpatient or outpatient) is ideal.”

In an attempt to help boost understanding of the treatment process and promote treatment options most supported by published research demonstrating their effectiveness, Gerson and her team at Columbus Park have assembled an evidence-based 2016 Eating Disorder Treatment Guideline table.

“Of course, every patient is different and a thorough assessment is necessary to determine the best treatment plan,” added Gerson. “But this table will hopefully provide people with a starting point in terms of thinking about treatment and getting the right kind of help for themselves or their loved one.”

The guidelines and table are available on Columbus Park’s website blog.

Among the key findings Gerson and Columbus Park note in the guidelines is the mounting evidence supporting treatment in less restrictive settings, whenever possible.  For those who are medically stable and able to participate in outpatient treatment, it is most often in their best interest to do so.

Columbus Park itself emphasizes evidence-driven, lifestyle friendly, flexible outpatient programs that are helping patients get better with remarkable consistency. Treatments are available for conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder, among other conditions.  Columbus Park offers solutions in the form of comprehensive outpatient treatment options that involve minimal change to one’s daily routine and lifestyle. The clinic also offers a full range of supported dining experiences in group settings and one-to-one.

As Clinical Director, Gerson leads a multi-disciplinary team of experienced specialists who share a mission to provide help for adults, teens and children struggling with eating issues.

Learn more about Columbus Park via its website at or call 646-414-1446.

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