Binge Eating: A Treatment Checklist

Binge Eating:  A Treatment Checklist

If you are looking for binge eating treatment, here’s a checklist of what to look for in a provider:

  1. Expertise in binge eating

    .  Binge eating is its own diagnosis and has its own treatments.

  2. Evidence-based.

    That means using the best, most current binge eating research to guide treatment.  Some providers design their own eclectic, un-researched mix.

  3. Outpatient.  

    Research says that whenever possible, patients should be treated in the least restrictive setting.  That means that unless there are medical issues, most binge eaters should be treated in an office or clinic—not a residential center or a hospital.  It makes sense—get treatment in a setting that allows you to practice new behaviors in your everyday life.

  4. Offers the full spectrum of treatments.

    Binge eating treatment is not one-size-fits-all.  Make sure a treatment provider has all the tools available.

  5. Flexibility.

    You have a full and busy life.  You need a provider who can accommodate your crazy schedule.

  6. Outcomes.

    They should be measured, tracked, and used.  It’s the only way to see if goals are being met and if adjustments in treatment need to be made.

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